Victims and Families of the Naval Yard Shooting

Today I pray for the victims and families of the Naval Yard Shooting. This was such a tragedy for both the victims that were shot, those who were on the naval yard today, and for the families of all those who were on the naval yard. Such tragedy can induce so much trauma and fear that even everyday routines, like going to work, can become a burden. The fear that goes through the family members as they hear the news of the shooting is also indescribable. To think that some families will not be the same tonight and that eleven will be without a family member permanently is heartbreaking.

Therefore, today I pray for the victims and families of the Naval Yard Shooting. Father, we ask that You, the God of all comfort will bring supernatural comfort to the hearts of those who have witness, experienced loss, and are grieving through this tragedy. We ask that You help them not to despair or to cast away their hope but to place their trust in You. We ask you for the provisions needed and that You will bring the support of friends, family, and community to their aid. We declare that fear will have no place in their lives and that they will be hidden in the secret place of You. We know that You are ever faithful and ever true. Therefore, we ask you to show forth Your love, comfort, and faithfulness even in this situation. We believe You and cast our confidence in You Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen

Saul Loeb/Agence France-Presse — Getty Image

Gunman and 11 Victims Killed in Shooting at D.C. Navy Yard


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