Families welcoming newborns . . .

Today I pray for families welcoming newborns. It seems that love and babies are in the air. Three close family members and friends have given birth to three precious babies within the last month and a half. Other dear friends are pregnant and expecting their babies. It is the season of harvest. 


Today I pray for the families welcoming newborns. I pray that You will grant them the sleep and the support they need so that this time will be enjoyable and peaceful. I pray that You supply all of their financial needs according to Your riches in glory. Father, I pray that you will knit their marriages together so that there will not be any dissension or division in their homes.I pray that You will bless the children to grow healthily in their spirits, bodies, and souls. I pray that You will grant the parents wisdom for raising the children according to Your love and guidance. I pray for a hedge of protection around these families as they begin a new chapter in their lives. In Jesus Name. Amen



2 thoughts on “Families welcoming newborns . . .

    • Thanks so much for reaching out to me and helping me to see that my prayers have an human audience (of course God is listening :). Your words truly encouraged me. I am back after a trip and short break. Thanks again 🙂

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