People devastated by the tornado in Adairsville, GA

I have been out of town for a couple of days and have missed two days of prayer updates, but I will post them soon. Yet, as we drove home from Savannah, GA and saw the darkness that blanketed the Adairsville exit, we felt burdened to pray for them.

Today I pray for people devastated by the tornado in Adairsville, GA. Father, I pray that You will comfort them in this state of shock and mourning. I pray that You send the relief that they need in order to move forward. Help them not to cast away their confidence but to know that You will cause even this to work out for their good. You are always faithful. May they see and feel Your love and faithfulness now. Father, I pray for those who are working to repair the damage. Grant them Your strength and energy to continue in this work. I know that it is cold there and some people are without power and heat. Please warm them through Your miraculous love and power. Father, I pray that Your presence and blessing are manifest in the lives of those in Adairsville as they begin to rebuild and move on. In Jesus’ Name. Amen



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