Soldiers fighting in Afghanistan . . .

Today I pray for soldiers fighting in Afghanistan. After having two soldiers over for dinner tonight and hearing one of them recant his war stories, my heart was moved as he recounted the numerous challenges of this war. Too often, once soldiers return home, try to resolve matters at home, and seek to gain employment, they struggle just to make a living. In addition to that, the emotional trauma and struggles they face as a result of the terrible travesties they witness oversees can lead to severe PTSD. 


Therefore, today I pray for Soldiers fighting in Afghanistan. Father, I pray for their safety. I pray that You will bring them home safely. I pray for their minds, that they will be guarded by Your words and Your truth. I pray that they will not grow weary in doing well. I pray for soldiers that do not even know You. I pray that You will draw them to You and empower them to live victoriously for You. I pray for the chaplains, that they will walk upright and honor You. I pray that they will be used as salt and light in the world. I pray Father that You will encamp Your angels around them. Keep our soldiers and help bring this war to an end Lord. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.


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