Older people who are forced to work . . .

Today I pray for older people, or anyone over the age of 65, that HAS to work in order to make ends meet. When I think about enjoying life in your latter years, penny pinching and living from paycheck to paycheck is not how I’d hope to spend the last quarter of my life. Yet, with the economic climate as tumultuous as it has been, many people have been forced to forgo retirement in lieu of seeking out employment to supplement their SS checks and pensions. Others find themselves caring for young children and their kid’s kids in addition to working a job.  No matter what situations or choices led to older people having to work long hours on labor jobs, my heart goes out to them. Therefore, it is for these that I pray.


Today I pray for older people, or anyone over the age of 65, that HAS to work in order to make ends meet. Lord, I pray that You grant them the strength needed to do what they have to in this season. I pray that You work our government system out so that we can help these people in the proper way. I pray that you send community and church programs to support them and help provide for their needs. Father, I know that Your heart is for them. Therefore, I pray that Your will be done and Your kingdom come in the lives of our older people particularly in 2013. Draw more and more of them closer to You and help to know that You are not through with them yet. Help us to create cultures that honor older people and esteem their knowledge and wisdom. Let it start in the body of Christ and permeate ever part of our culture. If they HAVE to work, help them to find work in their passions.Father, step in and show up on behalf of our older citizens more than ever. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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