Pediatric Nurses

Today I pray for pediatric nurses. Taking care of the health and wellbeing of children can be a daunting privilege, particularly in the health care setting. So often, nurses wear many hats – counselor, friend, health coach, and others. The long hours and the hard pediatric cases may cause some nurses to feel burned out and stressed. It if for this reason that we pray today.


Today I pray for pediatric nurses. Father, I pray that you will renew their strength. I pray that You will help them to remember that it is such an awesome privilege to serve Your children. Help them to do all things with excellence. May they feel Your presence and hear Your voice throughout their days. I pray that this year, more pediatric nurses will be drawn to You than ever before. Let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven in the life of every pediatric nurse. Help them to not grow weary in well doing knowing that they will reap if they faint not. I pray that they will be greatly rewarded for their time, diligence and serve. Mostly, I pray that they will practice Your presence and bring you to every situation in the hospitals, clinics, and homes. Bless the pediatric nurses more than ever this year Father. In Jesus name, Amen.


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