Precepts Ministries International

Today I pray for all Precepts Ministries International. Precept Ministries was “raised up by God for the sole purpose of establishing people in God’s Word to produce reverence for Him” (PMI). Founded by Jack and Kay Authur, this ministry has produced teaching materials that are now taught in over 180 countries in 70 languages. Precepts is designed to help ordinary people love and experience God’s word in extraordinary ways. I personally recommend that all believers take a Precepts class at one point or another. You will truly be blessed.


Today I pray for Precepts Ministries International. I thank You Father for raising up the leaders, staff, and teachers of this ministries. I pray that they all will be blessing in every area of their lives. May their families be blessed by the sacrifices they have made in spreading Your word throughout the world. I pray that You will send the resources they need in order to continue the work of the gospel and making it accessible to all people. I pray for financial increase for this ministry. I pray for traveling graces and mercies as they take people on teaching trips and as they travel for ministry. I pray that 2013 will be a year that more and more people are drawn to Your word through inductive bible study tools like Precepts. I bless this ministry to thrive and prosper this year more than ever. In Jesus Name, Amen.


Find a Precepts Class Near You . . . Precepts Ministries Classes



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