People without money to fix their homes . . .

Today I pray for people without money to fix their homes.  It is such a blessing to have a roof over your head, but a leaky roof or a mold ridden home can be a financial disaster and a headache. Whether its a single mother who has holes in the floor, or an elderly couple without working heat, home issues can be such a burden. Unfortunately, homes are not recession proof. As I listened to the rain today, I thought about the families that are in homes but are struggling to find enough buckets and such to catch the rain coming in the leaky roof.  I also thought of the people who do not have air condition in hot conditions or who have mold growing in their homes. It is for these that I pray.


Today I pray for those who do not have the money to fix their homes. I pray that You will supply them with the resources they need to remedy the issues. I pray even for miraculous works to be done in people’s homes this week – holes to close, toilets to work, bugs to leave, etc. Nothing is impossible to You God. I know that people in such distresses are on Your heart tonight. I pray that Your will be domes and Your kingdom come in their lives today and this year. Bless their coming in and their going out. May Your love rescue them from hopeless situations and may they know that it was You. In Jesus Name. Amen


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