People who need to spend more family time . . .

Today I pray for people who need to spend more family time. Too often the responsibilities of life, the busyness of our schedules, in addition to lengthy commutes all seem to drain the time of quality family life. Even ministry and other “good deed” can keep us from choosing the greater portion (see Luke 10:38-42). Whether your family is a close knit group of friends or true relatives, it is vital that we nurture those close relationships and honor those who are dear to us. Nations are changed as a result of changes in the communities which result from changes in families. If you want to change the world, start with your own family (those closest to you). Love them unconditionally, pour into them, admonish them, and endure with them. Most importantly, cherish the moments with them. Life is but a breath. Make every breath count.


Therefore, today I pray for people who need to spend more family time. Father, I pray that You help us to prioritize and make the sacrifices needed in order to put first things first. I pray that You help us to identify those You have called and appointed to be our family even as You did in the life of Jesus (Matthew 12:48-50). I ask that You, through Your Spirit, help us to both receive and give love. Help us to cherish the moments with our family and help those moments to be filled with joy. You desire that we have Your joy (John 15:11) in this life. May that joy fill our encounters with others, particularly our families. We need to slow down from doing so many “good” things so that we can focus on that which is best. We need Your help in this Father. May 2013 be one of the best years of growth, joy, and peace for our families. We ask these things through Jesus. Amen.



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