The homeless and those facing homelessness . . .

Today I pray for the homeless and those facing homelessness.  Tonight, somewhere, someone will be sleeping on the streets instead of in a home. Through series of unfortunate circumstances and sometimes mistakes in life, many people have found themselves in the difficult situation of being without a home. Some are living from their cars, some are staying in shelters, and others may even find rest under a bridge. As believers, we have to remember to reach out to the hurting, homeless, and those in despair to comfort and offer some assistance.


Today I pray for those that are homeless. I pray that You will comfort them and even bring warmth even in the coldest of situation. Grant them hope in the midst of trial and surround them with your grace and protection. Father, we pray for the shelters and the organizations that reach out to help those facing homelessness. We bless them to have abundant resources this year and pray that all who serve will be bless. We pray Father, that You would have your angels to encamp around them and protect the homeless during this time. We also pray that you will transform their situations and open doors of opportunity and support. We pray that the numbers of homelessness will decrease nationwide in 2013 as more of Your people reach out and help those in need. We know that they are dear to Your heart. May Your love rescue them and transform their circumstances in the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.



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