Military Spouses

Today I pray for Military Spouses. Whether you are the spouse of a deployed soldier, a reservist, a full-time soldier here in the states, or a soldier that has passed, we are praying for you today. Father, I pray for those spouses. First we pray that You will comfort them in the times of loneliness and through feelings of despair. We pray that they You will lead them to the Rock that is higher than them. May You be a strong tower and a refuge for them and their  marriages. Grant them hope and the faith needed to walk this walk as a military spouse.

We pray for their children and cover them with the love and power of Jesus. We pray that You guard their hearts and minds. May they not feel orphaned or abandoned as their parents serve this country or even deal with the effects (PTSD) of serving. We bless the children to have hearts of obedience and love.

We pray for their finances. Sometimes it can be taxing awaiting military payments or dealing with finances when someone is away or has emotionally checked out. Therefore, we ask for Your guidance and wisdom in the area of their finances. Help them to make a little go a long way so that they can run this race with endurance. Do miracles in the areas of their finances dear Lord.

For those who have suffered the loss of a soldier, we pray for your healing. We pray that the Comforter will bring healing and hope to areas of brokenness in your life. We bless your finances, family, and heart to flourish and you rebuild the broken places.

Finally, we pray for their marriages. May Christ be the center and source of all of their marriages. May they seek Your plan for their marriage through Your word, biblical counseling, godly accountability and through many other avenues. May their marriages be marked by fidelity and integrity. May they honor and respect each other dear Lord. Even as they have given of their times, lives, and energies for this country, we pray that You will give back to them even as You said in Your word (Luke 6:38). In all, we pray that You bless every military family, marriage, and spouse this day Lord Jesus. In Your name we pray. Amen.

military spouse


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