Women involved in self-destructive behaviors . . .

Today I pray for women involved in self-destructive behaviors, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Whether self destruction come through getting into the same abusive relationships over and over, dealing with an eating disorder, self deprecating beliefs, or continuing to maintain and feed off of unhealthy friendships, such behaviors are only accompanied by pain, bitterness, anger, and fatigue. Proverbs 14:1 says that, “the wise woman builds her house, but the foolish tears it down with her own hands.”  The thought of tearing down that which has been build, particularly something that is supposed to provide refuge, relaxation and comfort, is quite unnerving. Yet, this proverb speaks to something that is so true. Sometimes the works of our hands, our actions and ways, can tear down and destroy that which truly needs to be built up.

In life, God graciously grants us with the framework needed for a life of purpose and passion. He even gives us the blueprint (the bible) for building and decorating the rest of the home. It is the woman of wisdom that gathers the needed materials, resources, healthy people and support needed to read and follow the blueprint day by day so that the house can be built. Even still, once the house is built, it must constantly be maintained and even improved. On the contrary, the foolish woman gets the framework for her home but instead of following the blueprints and gathering healthy people to help her build, she tears it down. Perhaps she tears it down by neglect (the same way we neglect our spiritual life), or by inviting the wrong people over (people who do not understand the frailty of the framework and who are not helping to build the house the way it should be built), or even through purposefully taking part in self deprecating behaviors. The foolish woman tears her own house down.


Therefore, Today I pray for women involved in self destructive behaviors. Father, I pray that Your love with surround them, comfort them and draw them. You said that it is Your goodness that leads to repentance (Romans 2:4). So I pray that Your goodness, love, and kindness overshadow them and draw them close to You. In You all darkness is dispelled and all things are made plain in Your light. Dispel any lies about themselves that they have heard, believed and clung to. Help them to know their value and acceptance in You. Grant them the strength needed to put away anything and anyone that is not healthy for the work you are calling them to. Help them to value the framework You have given them and to gain insights as they read the blueprints, Your Word. May this be the year that women get free from self-destructive behavior and begin to rebuild their broken houses, turning them into homes. It is only through You Jesus that this is possible. We pray and ask this in Your name. Amen.


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