Missionaries in Mozambique (Iris Ministries)


Today I pray for the missionaries in Mozambique, particularly Iris Ministries. Father, we thank You for those who have so generously devoted their time, money and resources to support the ministries in foreign countries, particularly Iris Ministries. We know that they are touching ten thousands of people at a time and we pray that Your love and power will permeate even the hardest heart. We pray that you open doors of favor with the government officials in that country even like you did with Cyrus when he supplied resources for the rebuilding of Your temple. May the government and global leaders supply the resources this ministry needs for building schools, churches and furthering your kingdom. May Your strength be perfected even in their weaknesses and may they not grow weary in doing well. Bless the families of the missionaries and supply all of their needs according to Your riches in glory. It is for Iris Ministries that we pray today. In Jesus Name, Amen.

For more information, also check out their FB page . . . 




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