All teachers and students preparing to return to school . . .

Today I pray for all teachers and students preparing to return to school. After some time off for the holidays, the thought of returning to the routine of school can be quite daunting for all parties – parents, students, teachers and school staff. Whether the classroom is in a school building or in your own home, teaching students demands constant research, preparation and energy.  After the tragedy of Sandy Hook and even with the numerous people who lost loved ones over the holidays,  there may be some reservation accompanied with emotional strain when returning to the classroom. Image

Therefore, Today I Pray for all teachers and students preparing to return to school. For the teachers, I pray that you are encouraged knowing that teaching is a calling and that you have been blessed withthe position to shape the future of our world, one student at a I time. Father, I pray that You will strengthen the teachers that are tired, burnt out, and simply “over it all” so that they can endure this year with joy and hope. I pray for the finances of the teachers. I pray that You increase them as they continue to give of themselves and bless their students. You said to give and it shall be given. May they freely give as they have freely received. I pray that You will help them to lean not on their own strength or understanding, but to realize that Your strength is perfected in their weaknesses. I pray for the families of teachers. Teaching can be so taxing on family life. Therefore, I pray that You would knit their families together and bring more love and joy into their family lives. As the teachers return after this break, I pray that You remove the feelings of dread and replace it with feelings of hope and excitement accompanied with a heart to do all things in excellence. May every teacher that even reads this prayer be drawn closer to You this year and experience Your abundance so much that Your goodness and love for them will be undeniable.

For the students, I pray that they will be more teachable and have hearts of obedience. I pray that You will help them to be kinder and more thoughtful towards others. I pray that You will help them to rise above any family or life hinderances so that they can excel in school. Send the students teachers that truly believe in them and that can see the potential of each student. Send them teachers who make learning fun while also challenging them daily. I pray the hearts of the youth will be turned to You oh God, particularly in America. Bless this generation with a hunger and thirst for righteousness that can only be filled by You. May students and teachers alike know Your grace more than ever this year.  It is for these I pray Lord Jesus. In Your Name. Amen.



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