People who have lost their passion and forsaken their dreams . . .

Today I pray for people who have given up on their dreams and have lost their passion in life. When the responsibilities of adulthood and the consequences of our choices force us to work jobs we loathe, spend long hours a way from home, have very little time for the peace and quiet needed to figure out the purpose of our lives, we find ourselves simply “doing well” as we struggle through the routine of day to day living. The unfortunate part is that even though we are surrounded with things that proclaim our arrival as “adults”, our hearts still cry out “there must be more to life than this”.   The truth is . . . there is. Your birth and life were no accident or some happenstance, but you were placed in this world at the precise time, in a specific location, given to an unique family, designed with numerous talents and gifts, and engrafted with a particular passion so that you could bless this world and this generation as you live out your passion and serve others with those talents and gifts. That’s the truth.

Therefore, Today I pray for those whose dreams have died and the fire of their passion has waned in light of the present realities they face. I pray that You will give them dreams again and stir afresh the desire for more which is only found through You. Draw their hearts close to You. Help them to hear Your voice and to see your fingerprints of love throughout their lives so that Your purpose for them is evident. Surround them with the company of others who are also passionate about life, love and You so that iron can sharpen iron. Cause everything that is keeping them in a place of dread and complacency to shift away as You open new doors of opportunity and change. Father, help them to see that true purpose is not found in the reading of many books, but it is found in coming to the Author of our lives who says that all of our days were written before there was even one (Psalms 139:16). It is only in You that we find our true purpose and the unique passion from Your heart that you have placed in us. Help them to feel that burn again. Help them to clearly identify the people or groups they are called to serve and impact. Make it so plain to them this year Father and send numerous people and resources to confirm it. May this be the year that their passion is restored and their dreams are renewed. May this be the year that they lay everything on the altar and give their all to You. Let Your will be done in their lives on earth, even as it is in heaven. Jesus came that we may have such a life of abundance, hope and passion that Jesus came. In His name we pray. Amen.



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